Welcome to Aikido Cairns​​

Develop coordination, flexibility & self confidence with this rewarding martial art. With regular classes that provide a friendly & supportive environment, you'll soon become as crazy about aikido as we are!

Let us have a universal mind that loves and protects ​all creation and helps all things grow and develop.

- Koichi Tohei

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a highly refined martial art developed as a means of self defence and spiritual training. The art of Aikido develops coordination of mind and body. It is suitable for the young through to the young at heart and does not require a high level of fitness or flexibility to start with.

How do I get involved?

We’re delighted that you’re considering joining us! Once you’re ready to give it a go call one of our friendly instructors or simply drop by on any training night.  Directions are below.

Don’t think about doing it, do it..!

Cairns Dojo

119 Wattle Street,

Yorkey’s Knob, 4878

Contact Bruce: 0407 183 888

Training Times

Adults 18:30 – 20:00

Children 15:00 – 16:00
 Adults 15:00 – 17:00

Mossman Dojo

33 Bouganvillea Street,

Cooya Beach, 4873

Contact Roby: 0418750005

Training Times

Children 12 years and above ​and adults
​18:00 – 19:30

​Children up to 12 years old

16:30 – 18:00

18:00 – 19:30

Children 7 to 12 years old
16:30 – 18:00
(​Parents welcome to join in)